6903 Story Rain shower

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    Key Features

    1.With 1/2" to water supply wall outlet。 2.Adjustable angle of the shower head. 3.Unique device of diverter has been designed with lightpull. 4.This type could adjust shower area by pulling. 5.Length of chain would be adjusted according to different requirements. 6.Beaded chain would be come off as overloading (2.5 kg); chain could be restored by users without tools. 7.Diverter device has passed 50,000 pulls lifespan testing. 8.Body is ABS material.     Though the shape of faucet is innovating these days, the original impression of faucet still remains on the traditional long wall-mounted faucet. For a long time, the image of the long wall-mounted faucet exists deeply in our memories. The design team of the 6903 Story Faucet would like to trace back to the beginning and try to find out the original beauty. That is the reason “Story Faucet” being created.     This classic design not only reserves the figure of the primary long wall-mounted faucet, but also integrates the contemporary and fashionable element - the round model of the body and the handle with brass and ceramics material, which impress users so much to take their eyes on it.     Justime sincerely hopes the design will be popular among everyone- reminding adults of the past about the original charming and also making kids experience the beauty of traditional and modern times. The Story Series tells about the history of faucet: from past, through present, and to the future. One day, while people talk about the faucet, the first impressive image comes out their mind, definitely, will be our “Story Faucet.”